English 11B

This course is an English requirement designed to expand your knowledge of reading, writing and literature. During the trimester we will explore a variety of genres and authors by sampling essays, short stories, plays, non‐fiction and novels – with a specific focus on Lord of the Flies and Raisin in the Sun. In addition to the material we read, we will also be completing a variety of writing assignments, including a persuasive essay. Finally, we will spend time reading for personal pleasure, as well as journaling.

Syllabus 11B EDGE 2010-11

Monday, March 07

Spring Conferences – Teacher Workday

Tuesday, March 08

Today’s Agenda

  • Welcome! Class expectations, credit by proficiency (50%, 50%), late work, etc.
  • The first unit we will study will be Good vs. Evil …

Good vs. Evil: Lord of the Flies

Objective: The students will trace the use of literary devices that enhance character development, and present their findings to the class. Students will investigates what happens to civilized people when the structures of civilization break down. Students will pick a theme from ‘Lord of the Flies’ and build a body of evidence from the text to support that theme, and use this argument in a debate or persuasive essay.

  • Journal One: Are we born good, then become evil OR is good and evil innate?
    • Talk to your neighbor, write in your journal, discuss as a class
  • Vocabulary One: Dictionary definitions


Wednesday, March 09

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary One: Use it in a sentence
  • Stranded on a Deserted Island! Group fun to test your survival skills…

Thursday, March 10

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary One: Synonym & Antonym
  • Library to check out Lord of the Flies
  • Start part one of Beginning a Book, questions 1-6


Friday, March 11

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary one: Quiz
  • Start reading Lord of the Flies, chapter one
  • Finish Beginning a Book, questions 7-15


  • Read chapter two
  • Finish Beginning a Book
  • Complete Quotes for Discussion, chapters one & two


Monday, March 14

Today’s Agenda

  • Turn-in Beginning a Book
  • Grade check: Quotes for Discussion
  • Vocabulary two: Definitions
  • Check for Understanding 1: Chapter Two
  • Continue reading Lord of the Flies, chapter three


Tuesday, March 15

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary two: Use it in a sentence
  • Journal 2: Avalanche!
  • Read Chapter Four

Wednesday, March 16

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary two: Synonym/Antonym
  • Create a web, predict the meaning of the title, Lord of the Flies
    • Create web, synonyms
    • Sentence Frames
    • Share best one
  • Finish reading chapter four
  • Exit Ticket: two examples from today’s reading of personification


  • Finish chapter five

Thursday, March 17

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocab review: quiz tomorrow
  • Lord of the Flies Character Analysis
  • Start Chapter five

Friday, March 18

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary two: QUIZ

Monday, April 04

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary three: Contextual Evidence & Definitions
  • Syllabus, sign it & get it signed by Friday


Tuesday, April 05

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary three: Sentences
  • Journal 3: Friends
  • Student-led round table discussion on the reading
  • Check for Understanding #2, Chapters 4-8

Wednesday, April 06

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary three: Synonym & Antonym
  • Reminder: Standard #1, Lord of the Flies, tomorrow!
  • Summary exercise

Thursday, April 07

Today’s Agenda

  • Standard #1, Lord of the Flies (Standard 1 Rubric)
  • Vocabulary three: Mental Models
  • Continue reading, chapter nine

Friday, April 08

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary three: Turn-in, QUIZ
  • Journal 4: Simon’s death
  • Reminder: Standard #2 Monday
  • Continue reading chapter 10


  • Read chapter 11
  • Update Quotes for Discussion

Monday, April 11

Today’s Agenda

  • Journal 5: Summarize Piggy’s death
  • Read chapter 12

Tuesday, April 12

Today’s Agenda

  • Standard #2: Vocab Acquisition
  • Continue chapter 12

Wednesday, April 13

Today’s Agenda

  • Finish reading Lord of the Flies
  • Prepare for Standard #3: The writing process, materials sent home
  • Finish film, Lord of the Flies


  • Complete graphic organizer


Thursday, April 14

Today’s Agenda

  • Standard #3: The Writing Process, three steps…
    • Grade check, Graphic organizer
    • Individual work time, Rough draft
    • Peer review

Friday, April 15

Day off!

Monday, April 18

Today’s Agenda

  • Turn-in Standard #4, Lord of the Flies Persuasive Essay
  • Vocabulary Four: Definitions
  • “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes & “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Watch MLK, Jr. speech, “I Have a Dream”
    • Record three things that stand out
  • In groups on two, read “A Dream Deferred” & answer discussion question

Tuesday, April 19

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary Four: Use it in a sentence
  • Journal 6: Connecting to the text; talk about your dreams that have not come true
  • Library to return Lord of the Flies, check out Raisin in the Sun
  • Meet-n-Greet – Raisin characters

Wednesday, April 20

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary Four: Synonym & Antonym
  • Journal 7: Letter to the Editor (Budget, Reinstated days, Compliments to…, or Cutting English Electives for seniors)
  • Volunteer for characters
  • Start half of Act I, Scene I of Raisin in the Sun

Thursday, April 21

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary Four: Good Ole’ Fashion 6th Grade Spelling Test
  • Journal 8
    • What do we know about the Younger family dynamics?
    • What possible themes are beginning to emerge?
  • Finish Act I, Scene I (Quiz tomorrow)

Friday, April 22

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary Four: Quiz
  • Discuss Act I, Scene I
  • Quiz: Act I, Scene I
  • Reminder: Monday Standard #2 – Vocabulary Acquisition
  • Start reading Act I, Scene II – Raisin in the Sun

Monday, April 25

Today’s Agenda

  • Standard 2, Vocabulary Acquisition, Raisin in the Sun
  • Start Act II

Tuesday, April 26

Today’s Agenda

  • Journal 9: Why is Walter Lee so rude to George? What does this show about Walter Lee’s character?
  • Continue reading A Raisin in the Sun

Wednesday, April 27

Today’s Agenda

  • Journal 10: Letter to the editor, regarding the recent budget news
  • Continue reading
  • Start Act it Out! Groups pick a scene, prepare their version, present Friday

Thursday, April 28

Today’s Agenda

  • Check for Understanding #2
  • Writing prompt: Mr. Linder, “Everyone knows what it’s like to be on the outside…”
  • Finish Act II
  • Act it Out! practice

Friday, April 29

Today’s Agenda

  • Journal 11: The Pygmalion Effect & “The Kissing Case” of 1958
  • Time to prepare for Act it Out!
  • Act it Out! presentations
  • Read Act III

Monday, May 2

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary 6: Definitions
  • Raisin in the Sun Act III
  • Start film, last 15 min


Tuesday, May 3

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary 6: Use it in a sentence
  • Finish Act III
  • Continue film

Wednesday, May 4

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary 6: Synonym & Antonym
  • Standard 1: Themes & Central Ideas of Raisin in the Sun
    • 10 Questions to Identifying a Theme
    • Determine a theme
    • Get theme signed-off by Mrs. Edge


Thursday, May 5

Today’s Agenda

  • Reminder: tomorrow – Standard 1, Theme
  • Movie day! Raisin in the Sun

Friday, May 6

Today’s Agenda

  • Standard 1, Theme, Raisin in the Sun
  • Finish Raisin in the Sun

Monday, May 9

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary 7: Definitions
  • Pass back Standard 1
  • Continue film, Raisin in the Sun


Tuesday, May 10

Today’s Agenda

  • Finish film, Raisin in the Sun
  • Start work on Standard 3: The Writing Process
    • Step One: Graphic organizer
    • Step Two: Rough draft

Wednesday, May 11

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary 7: Synonym & Antonym
  • Continue work on Standard 3: The Writing Process
    • Step Two: Rough draft
    • Step Three: Peer review

Thursday, May 12

Today’s Agenda

  • Vocabulary 7: Use it in a sentence
  • Library to start typing final draft

Friday, May 13

Today’s Agenda

  • Library to finish typing final draft
  • Standard 4: Final draft due

Monday, May 16

  • New unit: Flannery O’ Connor & Southern Gothic
    • Introduce Flannery O’ Connor Journal
    • Read Biography, start journal
    • Start reading The Life You Save May Be Your Own


Tuesday, May 17

  • Flannery O’ Connor Journal
    • Finish reading The Life You Save May Be Your Own
    • Complete section 2: First Impression
    • Start section 3: Figurative Language

Wednesday, May 18

  • Flannery O’ Connor Journal
    • Finish section 3: Figurative Language

Thursday, May 19

  • Flannery O’ Connor Journal
    • Complete section 4: Summary
    • Complete section 5: Essential Questions
  • Have your work checked off by Mrs. Edge

Friday, May 20

  • Finish Flannery O’ Connor Journal
    • Complete section 6: Theme – Must be one, well written paragraph


  • Finish O’ Connor Journal, make it creative, due Monday

Monday, May 23

  • Last day to test for Writing 121, after school
  • Turn-in Flannery O’ Connor Journal
  • Continuing our short story unit, we will focus on the five elements of storytelling
    • Start off small: The Three Little Pigs
    • Analyze the story using the five elements
  • Exit Ticket – Create a test question pertaining to the five elements, include an answer

Tuesday, May 24

  • The five elements of storytelling, continued…
    • Read Mark Twain’s “A Ghost Story”
    • Is this story more suspenseful or scary? Who is the narrator? Who/What is the Cardiff Giant?
    • In pairs, answer questionnaire
    • In pairs, create your own Ghost Story using at least 7 of the 16 vocab words!

Wednesday, May 25

  • Continue creating your own Ghost Story using at least 7 of the 16 vocab words!
  • Trade your story with another group, find the five elements of story telling in their story
  • Turn-in Twain’s questionnaire, your scary story, the analysis of the other groups story

Thursday, May 26

  • Stephen King’s The Reaper’s Image
    • In pairs, read King’s story
    • Fill-out the Reaper questionnaire
    • Write an additional episode, continuing the story

Friday, May 27

  • Continue Stephen King’s The Reaper’s Image
  • Watch film, pull all five elements to story telling, as well as a summary

Monday, May 30

No School – Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 31

  • Continue film, pull all five elements to story telling
    • Write one paragraph for each of the five elements

Wednesday, June 1

  • Turn-in Five Elements for the film
  • Watch Edgar Allen Poe A & E documentary
    • Take notes

Thursday, June 2

  • Start reading Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Friday, June 3

  • Continue Poe short story
  • Complete study guide

Monday, June 6

The Power of Positive Thinking, day one

  • Last day to turn in missing work
  • Turn in Poe short story stuff
  • Journal – What does it mean to be happy?
  • Dan Gilbert, Why Are We Happy? TEDtalks… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTO_dZUvbJA
  • Exit Ticket – Your thoughts on Dan Gilbert’s talk

Tuesday, June 7

The Power of Positive Thinking, day two

      • Read Time Magazine article
        • Answer key questions

Wednesday, June 8

  • End short story unit

Thursday, June 9

Finals Schedule

8:30-10:00       Teachers available in classrooms

10:08-11:34     Period 2

11:34-12:10      Lunch

12:15- 1:41        Period 4

1:49- 3:15          Period 5

Friday, June 10

8:30-10:00       Period 1

10:08-11:34     Period 3

11:34-12:10      Lunch

12:15                    Buses Arrive

Monday, June 13

No Students – Teacher Work Day

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