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Posted in Scappoose High on September 4, 2010 by Mrs. Edge

I have created this site for you to have online access to information and materials provided in class. It’s meant to provide you with tools to aid in your academic success. A link to your course is provided in the right column. There you will find the syllabus, weekly updates and links to the handouts. If you find any additional helpful links, please let me know about them, and I can add them to this site as well.

Find Out What You Missed

If you anticipate being gone due to athletic (or other) school events, or vacation, you are required to notify me ahead of time so we may accommodate for your absence. I will post a summary of what we’ve covered in class, as well as any handouts. It is your responsibility to keep up with the scheduled reading and to submit assignments ahead of time, if you plan on being gone for the due dates.

If you miss class due to illness, please check this site for the materials that you missed and have them completed by return. If this is not possible, email me and we can make other arrangements.

Feel free to contact me via email any time, should you have any questions or concerns regarding what we’ve covered in class.

Mrs. Edge

Language Arts, Room A5

(503) 543-6376